Short desciption

“Minor Confrontations” is the first game out of the “Birnchen & Yoshie” Series. In this 3D comic-style RTS, the goal is like in a classic RTS to destroy the base of the enemies. For this, the player has access to a small amount of tank units that need to be produced in their specific buildings. Birnchen and Yoshie have multiple different toy tanks with their own attributes. Each tank is part of their own specialty.

Birnchen uses fruits, the base is a fruit basket, that’s why the tanks shoot using bananas, coconuts, and melons. The barricades use grapes and the defensive tower shoots out pumpkins.

Yoshie is more of an apocalyptic technique freak. His base is a cloud, his tanks use lightning, thunder, earthquakes, and rain. As a barricade, he uses tidal forces, and the defensive tower creates a hailstorm.

The resources are produced in a way matching the faction. Birnchen uses her well-earned effort lollipops to produce new buildings and tanks, whereas Yoshie uses his refreshing beverage as a water tower.


“Minor Confrontations“ is the result of Yoshie’s boredom because Birnchen is, as usual, only thinking about studying and her homework. Birnchen is diligently sitting at her desk and sternly reading her book

. Yoshie is thinking about what he can play to get rid of the boredom until Betty is finally done with all of her homework. While searching for the right toy, Yoshie is, as always only causing chaos. Since Birnchen is getting distracted from her homework by all this noise, she needs to fight back. To defend the peace and quiet, she enters the battlefield and starts constructing her fruity defensive base.

Yoshie takes her up on the invitation and enters the game. Peace or Chaos? May the better strategist win.


Build a Tree to recive tanks.

Palmtree Coconut- build the tank „Coconut“
Palmtree Banana – build the tank „Banana“

Build greenhouses for more tanks

Peargreenhouse – build the tank „Pear“
Melongreenhose – build the tank “ Melon“

The goal is to protect your fruit crate, your base.
Fertilizer generate resource lollipops
Pumpkin (Tower) is the optimal defense for your fruit crate, he shoots with explosives
Grape can be used as a wall


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